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Camping Resort Drena

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Trento (Italy)

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Health centre

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Hospitality and Relaxation at the service of your well-being.

Our Spa consists of a relaxation area, a dressing room, a bathroom, a sauna, a Turkish bath and a shower.

The sauna has its origin in the nordic and represents a real culture in Finland and it is made by a local wood of pine, with benches at different heights, which have various levels of temperatures, the heat you get by pouring water on stones heated in a furnace placed inside, while the steam room has mediterranean origins.

They differ mainly because of the amount of moisture present in the air.

In the sauna the air to approximately 80° is mainly dry,15-20%, in Turkish, instead it reaches 100% humidity.

Thanks to these differences, the sauna is a real panacea to the cardiovascular system because it facilitates the circulation of the blood. And’ recommended for those suffering from hypertension. During the stay, the duration of which is the recommended 15-20 minutes, the body is subjected to intensive sweating, which promotes the elimination of toxins, helps to eliminate daily stress, but also for those who practise sport: facilitates the recovery, preparing the muscles for the effort.

A natural effect of muscle relaxant on the muscles is also a Finnish sauna, an ideal remedy to soothe localized pathologies such as muscle trauma and/or musculoskeletal. With the sweat in the sauna are lost body fluids and mineral salts. It therefore becomes essential to replenish what was lost. The time to drink it, however, after the sauna.

Once you leave the sauna, there is a shower with water at room temperature (the jet has to be sweet) showing a normal body temperature. Is, then, the moment of rest: wrapped in a bathrobe, we draw on the bed. This time can vary from ten to fifteen minutes.

In the Turkish bath, thanks to the high humidity, sweating is less intense and the stay is longer. promotes a deep cleansing and purifying the skin. When in a certain environment, the content of steam is greater than the amount of water present in the epidermis, is formed on the skin a layer of moisture that brings heat to the body. The heat causes the opening of the pores with relative increase perspiration. The epidermis appears more luminous, elastic and soft because the sweat eliminates many toxins and stimulates cell renewal. For this purpose it may be useful to remove the dead cells through massage with a glove of horsehair. The steam is usually integrated with eucalyptus essential oils to give benefit to the respiratory tract. After the session we recommend a cold shower to recover.


It is not advisable to do the sauna or steam room if you are in one of the following conditions:

  • heart problems (in this case, you can evaluate the matter with a doctor)
  • varicose veins
  • Turkish bath in pregnancy
  • serious insufficiencies to kidneys
  • menstrual cycle
  • inflammation present
  • fever
  • the influence of alcohol

The Turkish bath in pregnancy should be avoided in order not to cause imbalances in blood pressure that can prove deleterious to both mother and child. Several studies have also shown that the use of the sauna and Turkish bath in pregnancy is a risk factor for neural tube defects, cardiac and abdominal walls. The contraindications to the sauna are the same as for the Turkish bath.

In the sauna you can have diseases or fungal infections to the feet and/or nails and for this in our wellness centre we have a shower with antifungal.

Finnish Sauna and Turkish bath, two different ways to experience the heat for the well-being of body and mind.


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