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Vallesarca - Alto Garda

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+39 328 422 19 84

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+39 366 143 87 01

Camping Resort Drena

Loc. Al Castello, 38074 Drena

Trento (Italy)

Mail: campingresortdrena@gmail.com

P.Iva: 02132950227



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Horse riding


If you want to spend a different day, always in contact with nature, just a few kilometers from Drena, there is a riding center adapted for everyone where you can establish a natural relationship with horses thanks to the lessons offered.


The Drena Camping Resort cooperates with the "Cavalcailvento" amateur equestrian association offering its customers a 10% discount.


The association started its activity in April 2004.

The idea of ​​setting up a sports association stems from the desire and desire of its main founder, Mario Roncher, to promote and spread the practice of horseback riding especially among children and young people. After years of work and technical preparation it seemed time to make available to those interested, the knowledge acquired and a great passion for the world of horses.

They ride and we teach them to ride without bite in harmony with our horse through communication and leadership.




The ass. Cavalcailvento di Cavedine proposes:


  • horseback riding and excursions: enjoy nature and savor the fresh and clean air of the forest riding a horse. We will accompany you to discover the historical and landscape beauties in the neighboring areas in the center. For beginners there is a riding test in the field.



                      MEMBER          NON-MEMBERS


1 hour            € 20,00                  € 25,00

2 hours          € 40,00                  € 40,00



  • excursions and trekking of one or more days: expert instructors will accompany you to the most beautiful and characteristic places / places of the Valle dei Laghi, on Monte Bondone, on Monte Gazza, on Monte Velo, to Molveno, Andalo. Experience is required.
  • each outing includes 6/8 hours of horse riding
  • cost of a day with own horse € 20.00, with the horse of the Association € 80.00. The cost includes technical assistance.
  • the participants are responsible for the costs of meals (packed or on the premises along the way) and any overnight stays
  • the exits are organized by the FISE technician Mario Roncher.


For registration and reservations: cell +39 349 3856899 - +39 3426671777.




The natural relationship is a discipline that allows us to establish a relationship of friendship and love with the horse through communication, body language and leadership, without the use of force, violence and coercive means.

The riding courses offered by the CAVALCAILVENTO association are structured with exercises and games on the ground and in the saddle. Ground communication games are essential to have a good relationship with the horse, to achieve respect and trust and to be able to ride safely and with greater satisfaction and fun.

Natural riding helps children, young people and even adults to become more aware, self-confident, determined and leadership. As many parents also say, children become more motivated at school by achieving better results. Therefore the Cavalcailvento Ranch is not only a riding school, but also a school of life!

Schedules and methods of conducting the course are established together at the time of enrollment.

To participate in the activities promoted by the association it is necessary to join: ass. year 2019 € 25.00

Registration for the first riding course also includes the ASI A. card



  • riding courses: approach, base, advanced, mounts Indian (rides without the saddle), for all ages.




                  Children (4-12 years)        Boys / adults


5 hours                € 80,00                        -----------

10 hours            € 160,00                       € 200,00



* € 150 per person for groups of at least 3 children


  • single lesson:


                              MEMBER            NON-MEMBERS


1 hour                   € 20,00                      € 25,00



  • weeks on horseback: in summer, from Monday to Friday, from 8.30 to 17.00, we organize special activities for children and young people related to the world of horses.


  • 2-day equitation course: based on the natural relationship


  • 2 days stage of attacks: to prepare horse and driver for a safe driving of the carriage


  • walks and excursions on horseback: we offer relaxing walks in the woods or along comfortable dirt roads and paths in the neighboring areas in the center



                             MEMBER             NON-MEMBERS


1 hour                  € 20,00                     € 25,00

2 hours                € 40,00                     € 40,00



Pass subscriptions


10 hours             € 200,00

20 hours             € 360,00

30 hours             € 450,00


  • walks for children: for small horses (from 3 years), gentle and quiet ponies are available with which to walk in the woods


30 minutes          € 10,00

1 hour                  € 20,00



  • special family: everyone riding in the woods with a pony for children and horses for adults


1 hour                  € 20,00


  • multi-day hikes / treks: for the more experienced and hardened, multi-day hikes are proposed, with your own horse or from the center, to the Viotte del Monte Bondone, to the Lagolo lake, to the Cavedine lake, to the Drena hut and on the mountain Stivo, on Mount Gazza and on Paganella, in the Adamello Brenta Park.

Excursions are scheduled every Sunday.


€ 80,00 per day (duration 6/8 hours) with a central horse

€ 25,00 per day with own horse


  • equestrian guide: for half / 1 day for groups of riders (cost to be agreed)


  • carriage rides / ride in a carriage: for small groups through the streets of the villages in the valley or in the woods

min 4 - max 6 adults per hour


Adult                   € 15,00

Child                   € 10,00


free for children up to 5 years accompanied by an adult


To carry out the activities promoted by the association, a medical certificate is required for non-competitive activities, tetanus vaccination and the ASI license





  • cell: +39 342 6671777 - +39 349 3856899
  • directly at the center in Loc. Salin 38073 Cavedine (TN) - Valle dei Laghi - Trentino.
  • coordinates to insert in the navigator to reach the center:

45 ° 59 '50.02' 'N

10 ° 58 '11.65' 'E




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