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Vallesarca - Alto Garda

Phone number in the Italian language:

+39 328 422 19 84

Telephone number in English and German:

+39 366 143 87 01

Camping Resort Drena

Loc. Al Castello, 38074 Drena

Trento (Italy)

Mail: campingresortdrena@gmail.com

P.Iva: 02132950227



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Our Drena

Castle of Drena

The location of Drena is surrounded by greenery in a quiet place, between the valley of the lakes and the Lake of Garda.

Enjoys a mediterranean climate particularly mild.

Typical place, especially thanks to its Castle , which dominates the deep gorge Sallagoni with its famous via ferrata.

From the tower of the Castle you can admire the famous Marocche, an expanse of boulders, the particular phenomenon which was formed during the ice age.

All the territory is enhanced and promoted by the Pro loco Drena, a non-profit association, which also organizes events and events of interest to the tourist, sporting and cultural.

In order to deepen, you can visit the site:


In the woods that surround our area, it is possible to encounter several wild animals, including the brown bear and the wild boar.

If during a hike you will have the good fortune to come across one of these specimens, it is necessary to know some important rules of behavior:


If you encounter a bear:

  • Not to attract the bear in any way
  • Never leave food or organic waste to the disposal of the bear
  • In the event of a sighting at a distance, not get closer
  • In the case of a close encounter, not to run or move with the heat, back away slowly
  • Report on time to their presence by making noise or speaking aloud
  • Keep dogs on a leash.

These rules are contained within the poster and brochure distributed at all the Apt and Trentino's mountain refuges.


If you encounter a wild boar:

  • Listen. “The wild boar moves in the pack. And it is very noisy. More difficult to understand how many elements make up the herd, who often prefer to move around at dusk or night, so it is fundamental to know that wandering around in the dark in addition to being prohibited in many areas it is even more dangerous.”
  • Keep calm. “If you are involved in a close encounter fundamental is to keep calm. Seems like an obvious advice, but it is the first rule”.
  • Make a noise. “Lean on a tree and make noise to scare the animals. The boars tend to be fearful and run away. Another element, in addition to the stick to make noise, that one should always remember it is a jacket of high visibility. Especially essential now that's going to open up the hunting season. Better to be seen, even by the hunters”.
  • Not escape. “It is useless. The wild boars they run faster than us. As almost all of the wild animals”.



For emergencies call the number 112


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