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Vallesarca - Alto Garda

Phone number in the Italian language:

+39 328 422 19 84

Telephone number in English and German:

+39 366 143 87 01

Camping Resort Drena

Loc. Al Castello, 38074 Drena

Trento (Italy)

Mail: campingresortdrena@gmail.com

P.Iva: 02132950227



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tent nature

Tent natureTent natureTent natureTent natureTent natureTent natureTent nature

A natural treasure nestled in the charm of Garda, where

Nature, Food and Sport are the gems from grasp.

We have a tent that can accommodate up to 8 people, for a holiday alternative , abandoning any comforts of modern life.

This arrangement offers only 8 mattresses where campers may arrange their own sleeping bag.

To get close completely to nature does not find any connection to electricity, no lighting, no stove for cooking, no heating, no refrigerator.

It is up to you to decide how far to personalize their adventure.

Recommended equipment to stay in a Tent Nature:

  • stove camping gas
  • pots, pans, and everything needed for cooking
  • dishes, dishes and glasses
  • Sleeping bag ( possibility to rent sheets, pillow, duvet)
  • Torches, lamps, battery
  • Any electrical cable to connect to the column located at about 50 mt
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